My Article on The Hindu thREAD

In a matter of mere minutes, his behaviour transforms from loving to abusive. She suffers the blows silently, even in her misery playing the part of the obedient, respectful wife. A woman is chided by society for her loud and brash manner; background music meant to tug at one’s heartstrings accompanies the sermon they deliver… Continue reading My Article on The Hindu thREAD

What is ‘Normal’, Anyway?

A few years ago, I volunteered with an NGO in Jerusalem that cares for people with varying levels of intellectual disability, including Down Syndrome and autism. I had tumbled into it with no prior experience or knowledge of Hebrew, and I wasn’t sure what to expect or how I would respond. The originally-planned 3-month trip turned… Continue reading What is ‘Normal’, Anyway?

Going Backwards

[Chennai Diaries. December 2012.] I'm all about change; I thrive on it. I've grown up all across the country, moving every two years, attending six different schools. It's an adventure, and it beats doing the same-thing-every-other-day-for-the-rest-of-my-life. Except at times like these. I'm going back to the city where I've spent ten long years of my… Continue reading Going Backwards

“Songs of a Dead Laughter, Songs of Love Once Hot…”

[Denver Diaries. June 2012.] Gertrude Margaret Lowthian Bell, ever since the day I first heard of her, has been a source of utter fascination to me. She was a lot of things - writer, traveller, political officer, an influential woman in a man's domain - but she is perhaps best known for her contribution to… Continue reading “Songs of a Dead Laughter, Songs of Love Once Hot…”

One Day in the Afternoon of the World

“He walked, one of many still abroad in the world, in the street. Every day gone with work unfinished, things to do, places to go, people to see, words to be spoken, a man himself unfinished, unfinishable, even by death unfinishable, even in birth unfinishable, a walker through days and nights until he is forty-seven all of… Continue reading One Day in the Afternoon of the World

Glimpses of Sofia, Bulgaria: A Photo Essay

"Bulgaria has many secrets, many layers. To understand Bulgaria, you must live here a long time, be intimate with people, live like a Bulgarian, and speak our language. Even then I don’t know how close you can be to real truth. All you see is what is left of us." – Annie Ward, The Making… Continue reading Glimpses of Sofia, Bulgaria: A Photo Essay